Not sure what to write about? 
Focus on your own unique selling point. It might be your job or your family or an experience you’ve been through. Then think about a character living that life. What kind of problem might that character have? (All stories need problems.) 
Could your story be told by two different people in alternate chapters? I do this – and I find it helps to push the plot along and get into the characters’ minds. 
Experiment with writing in the first and third person. 
Make a noticeboard with pictures of people and places. It can give you inspiration? Why does that man have hair over his eye? Is he hiding a scar? How did he get that scar? Who gave it to him? You can see that there’s a story building up here….! 
These are just some ideas to get you going. I’ll be changing these tips regularly so do come back and visit this page. 
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