Posts from January 2023

I can’t believe we’re almost into spring! Isn’t it lovely when the days get longer. At least, that’s how I feel. Maybe you actually prefer the dark nights…. 
As a writer, I find that the seasons affect both my plots and my writing habits. 
For example, I often get up earlier to write my novels in the winter. The world is very quiet then and I can get a lot done! In the summer, I tend to write late into the evening. 
I also keep a ‘seasons diary’ when I jot down descriptions of trees and flowers and people and how they are affected by the weather. It can be useful to refer to when I’m setting a scene at a particular time of the year. 
For instance, in my new book COMING TO FIND YOU, I have a scene at the end which reads like this. 
‘It’s a choppy day but a bright one. The waves are glinting merrily in the late autumn sun. It’s the week after the Remembrance Service.’ 
I tried, here, to bring in that wonderful light which you can get at this time of year as well as suggesting a certain menace and movement in the word ‘choppy’. 
Do your reading patterns change in the summer or winter? Are you one of those readers who save books for holidays? Or do you read consistently through the year? I’d love to know. Do email me at 
Meanwhile, happy reading! 
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