People often ask me how I do it all. As well as writing, I visit my elderly dad and helping out with my grandchildren. 
I love all this and believe it’s important to make time for family. 
I also like being active. When I’m doing other things, I will get ideas for my novels. And when I’m writing, I’m in a world of my own. 
Lockdown helped me get more interested in gardening. But I don’t have green fingers! Still, it’s a challenge and I’m always up for that! 
As regular readers will know, I love my morning dip in the sea. It’s getting a little colder now in the morning but I plan to continue swimming all through the year as I always do – with my swimming friend who lives over the road. 
Another lockdown ‘discovery’ was a YouTube series called The Girl with The Pilates Mat. I try to log in at least once a week for some great exercises to do at home. 
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