When the virus started, I began a blog on my Facebook page called ‘MY CORNIVIRUS DIARY’. 
No. It’s not a spelling mistake. It comes from an elderly relative of mine who kept getting the ‘Coronavirus’ name wrong. In a way, his version felt less scary. 
Now, as the world is trying to get back to normal (as far as the virus is concerned), I have renamed it as DIARY OF THE TRYING TO GET BACK TO NORMAL’. 
I write about ordinary everyday life. Yet I also try to include acts of kindness to raise our spirits. 
This week, I’ve been working on the final edits for my new novel WE ALL HAVE OUR SECRETS which comes out in June. 
It’s at the proof stage which means I can see the text laid out on the page. This is very exciting after weeks of working on it, on-screen. 
Sometimes, words are mis-spelt either during the printing process or at another stage along the way. So I have to go through it to check for any errors or last-minute changes to the story. Luckily, I’m not the only one doing this. My publishers Penguin have other people looking too. 
I work in the morning, starting at about 9.45am. But before that, I’ve been pretty busy! I wake at around 6.30 and then swim in the sea in my wet suit with an artist friend. If the sea is too choppy, like this morning, we go for a walk. 
My husband and I moved to the sea nearly fifteen years ago. I love watching the waves coming in and out. They are a calming influence on life, no matter what is happening. 
I also meet different people every day. One of my favourite characters is an elderly man who sings out loud, with earphones in and hands in his pockets. He has a marvellous voice and I wonder if he is, or was, a professional singer. 
Then I go home and walk our dog in the park before having breakfast with my husband and starting work. 
This week, I have a meeting with the Sidmouth Literary Festival. I helped to found this annual event which is taking place from June 24 to June 26th. Do look on my events page for details. 
Our aim is to spread the love of the written word and also help people get published. 
That’s all for now. I’ll be updating my blog regularly so do keep an eye out for it. 
Meanwhile, if you’d like to pre-order my new novel WE ALL HAVE OUR SECRETS, I’d be thrilled. You can do so at bookshops or by clicking one of the buttons below. 
Have a good week, everyone! 
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